Development trend of membrane structure in China

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With the construction of some large gymnasiums and waiting halls, as well as the holding of international events such as the 2010 Foshan Luocun Cultural Square 1800 Shanghai WorldExpo and the Guangzhou Asian Games, opportunities and challenges have been brought to the development of membrane structures in China. Especially in terms of membrane materials, China started late and its technical level is low. Most of the membrane materials still rely on imports. PTFE, PVC, surface modified PVC, ETFE and other membrane materials are the mainstream of the market and are widely used.
China has the independent intellectual property rights of PTFE membrane materials, and the performance basically meets the requirements of similar foreign products. Many companies, scientific research institutions and universities are carrying out research on PVC surface coating materials, such as PVDF, nano TiO2 surface coating agent, etc., which have achieved initial results. In addition, research on surface antifouling and self-cleaning treatment, such as bionic lotus leaf construction of micro rough surface, has also begun. While introducing advanced production equipment and technology, it is of great significance to step up digestion, absorption, improvement and innovation, and develop membrane surface treatment technology suitable for China's market demand as soon as possible, so as to improve the grade and market competitiveness of China's industrial textiles.


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