How to deal with color difference in membrane structure shed

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If the membrane surface of the membrane structure shed has various colors, it will not look beautiful, and will affect its overall use from the side. How should we deal with this phenomenon?
1. It should be determined whether the film materials with different color differences match the brand type. This requires suppliers to provide comprehensive company certification materials that integrate formal design, production, installation and construction.
2. Secondly, send the sample membrane materials to a third party for testing to check whether the membrane materials used in the membrane structure shed are qualified.
3. In the case of both the above two points, the color difference film can usually change back to the matching color after being exposed to the sun for a period of time.
Compared with traditional projects, the construction period of membrane structure shed is greatly shortened, but this does not mean that the installation procedures will be greatly reduced. During the construction process, it is necessary to pay attention to some matters and make preparations in advance.
1. When the general membrane structure shed is under construction, construction warning signs should be made. Obvious warning signs and guardrails shall be set up in dangerous areas at the construction site.
2. For each construction site, it must ensure that the roads in the workplace are unobstructed, and the dangerous parts must be marked with obvious signs.
3. High altitude operation is essential in the construction of membrane structure shed, so the ladder used for climbing must be firm, and the height between the ladder and the ground is usually 60 degrees to 70 degrees.
4. Due to the high risk of installing the membrane structure shed, the steel wire rope used for hoisting must be carefully checked in advance.
5. When using the crane, it is strictly forbidden to contact the high-voltage overhead line with the boom, steel wire rope and heavy objects, and keep a certain safe distance from the overhead line. Take protective measures for high-voltage power lines when necessary.
6. In order to prevent arc radiation, welders must wear protective masks (with filters inside) when building membrane structure sheds. When welding in public places, movable light barriers must be installed.
7. The welding site should have good ventilation, exhaust devices and good lighting.
8. When building the membrane structure shed, a special person must be responsible for evenly guiding and lifting materials, and it is strictly forbidden to stand under heavy objects. Materials must be fixed to prevent accidents.


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