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In recent years, it can be said that membrane structure sheds have been widely used, from sports, commerce, industry and other fields to landscape, urban sketches, transportation facilities and other fields. No matter in which field, its appearance is not only fashionable, high-end atmosphere, but also has excellent performance.
Now, many people may find that in some schools and companies, facilities such as parking sheds are used, which effectively facilitates the parking and use of bicycles and cars, and as long as they understand the parking sheds, they can watch. So far, there are more types of membrane structure sheds. The emergence of this new type of facilities has brought many conveniences to people's lives, so such sheds can play a specific role.
Nowadays, there are mainly two types of membrane structure sheds, one is reverse tension structure sheds, and the other is the same direction bending tension structure sheds. The sheds of these two structures have a certain degree in the process of use. Therefore, the installation requirements are also different. Customers can choose according to their own needs. Because there are more types of membrane structure sheds, users who need them will make choices according to different situations. Now let's introduce the classification of membrane structure sheds.
The classification of membrane structure shed modeling can generally be divided into three categories:
1. Flat roof membrane structure shed: hard edge at the rear, raised at the front, and fixed by cables. There is a gap between the front and back for drainage. In addition, there is a double pick type, which can also be classified as flat top type;
2. Hat top membrane structure shed: the main appearance is the hat shaped roof with an arch in the middle. The cable is pulled out of the middle hat top and fixed on the column. The car shed with hat top membrane structure is composed of many roofs connected together to form a large car shed.
3. Tension structure shed: This is a typical application of tension membrane in shed. There is no fixed form. It will expand many shapes as required. In addition to its practicality, it is also more beautiful.



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