Four points for attention of membrane structure shed

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Membrane structure is used more and more widely, no matter in shopping malls, transportation facilities, gardens and so on. Whether in shopping malls or residential areas, parking sheds are essential. In order to ensure everyone's life safety, many accidents will be caused if the construction of the parking shed is unstable. Therefore, the following four points should be paid attention to when making the parking shed:
First, the overall frame of the membrane structure parking shed adopts square steel welded keel frame. The whole frame is treated with rust prevention, brushed with three times of rust prevention primer, and the surface is sprayed with white high-grade automotive paint. The main column of the parking shed adopts 150 × 150 galvanized square pipe is used as the support column of the parking shed, and the overall structure of the parking shed is firm, with high seismic and wind resistance coefficient and corrosion resistance;
Second, the sealing plate on the top of the membrane structure parking shed is sealed with brown (color can be selected) sunlight plate, which is riveted and fixed with the overall skeleton of the shed with battens, which is acid and alkali resistant and has sufficient strength to protect the vehicles in the shed;
Third, the membrane structure is used inside the parking shed Φ 38 galvanized round pipe is welded with the shed frame to strengthen the strength of the shed top, which can make the shed feel spacious and bright, and the parking of vehicles is easy and convenient, which fully meets the requirements and specifications for the production of the shed;
Fourth, the column foot of the membrane structure parking shed adopts 10mm thick steel plate to be firmly welded with the embedded parts. When installing the parking shed, the embedded parts are poured with concrete and connected with the vertical with bolts. The wind resistance coefficient is high, which increases the overall firmness of the parking shed and can resist the attack of typhoons above grade 12.


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