How to distinguish the good and bad of membrane structure shed

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Nowadays, in daily life, we often see various shapes of membrane structure sheds, so how to distinguish between its good and bad?
1. Daylighting. The sunlight shining on the roof is transmitted indoors in the form of diffuse light. From the inside, the roof becomes a continuous bright surface, and its intensity changes due to the relative position of the roof and the sun.
The daylighting coefficient (i.e. the ratio of indoor and outdoor natural light and sunshine degree) of the indoor air in the tension membrane structure shed can generally be as high as 10%; In the traditional construction, the light can only enter the room from the limited daylighting window, and its daylighting coefficient is less than 3%. Even on overcast days, the lighting level in the membrane structure room can meet the basic requirements of most activities.
2. Reflective. Because the transmitted light and reflected light entering the membrane structure shed are diffuse light, glare is unlikely to appear. However, we should consider the arrangement of the glass lighting area and shading to avoid the glare caused by its direct light.
3. Color. Film structure shed indoors, people will have a good color perception of white or off white film materials, because these two colors show the characteristics of linear spectral transmission to visible light. The transmission degree increases with the increase of the wavelength of the transmitted light, which makes the transmitted light slightly warmer than the incident light. Transmission spectrum, fiber and its characteristics, coating thickness, etc.
In addition, it is also important to choose a suitable membrane structure design company.
1. Formal or not: when we choose a membrane structure garage design company, the first thing we need to consider is the other party's qualification. The other party must be at least a formal and legal company to design quality. To check this, you can check its business license or its relevant records on the website of the Administration for Industry and commerce. Of course, the condition is that you can go to the other party's company for on-site investigation.
2. Employee quality: this employee quality mainly refers to the strength of the designer. Whether the designer of the other company has relevant professional qualification certificate and what level it is should be made clear. After all, what we do in design is to implement it on people. The concept, level and creativity of designers are very important, which also has a great impact on our architectural results.
3. Company strength: the level of designers is only one aspect, and the strength of the whole company is the important standard. But strength is illusory after all, and it is difficult to say clearly, and we cannot blindly listen to each other's one-sided words. Then what shall I do? Easy to handle! Two keys: cases and word of mouth. A powerful enterprise must have many successful cases and good reputation in the industry. When we choose a design company, we should focus on checking the other party's information. If it is two companies with similar strength, we should choose the successful case that is close to our situation.
4. After sales service: design is not a one-off deal, and the design of membrane structure shed is far more complex than we thought. So when we are looking for a design company, we must comprehensively consider its after-sales service. Once there are any problems in the design draft, we have to send it back for them to modify. If there are problems in the construction, we also need the designer to participate in solving them. These are very practical problems.


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