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Anhui liteng membrane structure Engineering Group Co., Ltd., founded in January, 2013 with a registered capital of 10million, is one of the first domestic space structure construction technology enterprises specializing in the design, manufacture, construction and installation of membrane structure space structures, committed to providing customers with professional overall solutions. Litang has the first-class qualification of general contracting of membrane structure engineering and the first-class qualification of membrane structure design. After years of development and technological precipitation, Litang has accumulated a lot of project implementation experience. With good market reputation, it has gradually opened the domestic and international markets and undertaken many landmark spatial structure projects. Litang's demanding engineering quality and perfect quality control system have been continuously recognized by the domestic and international markets, and has become one of the world's leading space structure construction technology enterprises. Litang has its own production base, with membrane material processing workshop, steel structure finishing workshop, quality inspection and measurement workshop, experimental testing workshop, with an annual output of 1million square meters of membrane and 6000 tons of steel. Litang has advanced wire cutting production equipment for steel structures, plasma cutting equipment, space structure measurement and positioning equipment, special bending equipment for complex space structures, advanced shot blasting equipment for special-shaped complex steel structures, and multiple sets of precision processing production equipment such as ETFE, PTFE, PVC film automatic welding equipment, automatic cutting equipment, fracture detection equipment, tensile test equipment, simulation installation equipment, etc, It has internationally advanced membrane structure design software, such as Tongji 3D3S, Italian forten32, American SAP2000, American STAAD pro, German easy7.0, MSDA, memshape, etc; And has trained a large number of skilled personnel with rich processing experience, which provides a strong guarantee for liteng in the logistics output of project implementation. Litang has strict production process flow and quality control procedures, strictly carry out process inspection and quality inspection for every detail, ensure to provide quality guaranteed products for every customer, establish and improve the after-sales tracking service system, and provide all-round service guarantee for customers 24 hours. As always, with the business philosophy of "reputation first, honesty, reasonable price and reliable quality", liteng is committed to pursuing a more perfect, novel and exquisite membrane structure project, and will work together with all walks of life to create a better tomorrow for China's membrane structure industry.

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Anhui liteng membrane structure Engineering Group Co., Ltd

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